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_professional activity

Here you can find some of the projects in which I have participated as part of my professional activity at CartoLab and iCarto:

  • FungiGO

    Mycological traceability system composed of a management web application and a mobile App
    Positions: Developer - Technologies: React, Ionic


    Mobile App to water meter reading in El Salvador
    Positions: Lead Developer - Technologies: Apache Cordova, Javascript
    [Source code]


    Virtual office and website for a water management company
    Positions: Project Manager/Developer/Web craftsman - Technologies: Django, Wordpress
    [Project website]


    Free Software Coordination Office at AMTEGA (Xunta de Galicia)
    Position: Consultant
    [Project website]


    gvSIG extension for data water management in Mozambique
    Position: Lead Developer - Technologies: gvSIG
    [Source code]

  • gvSIG Fonsagua

    GIS application to manage water and sanitation programs related to Cooperation for Development
    Position: Developer - Technologies: gvSIG, PostgreSQL/PostGIS
    [Project website] [Source code]

  • VIAL

    Road network catalog based on PostGIS and gvSIG.
    Position: Developer - Technologies: gvSIG, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, SQLite
    [Source code]

  • SIGA (AUDASA Management Information System)

    Management information system, based on GIS, for a highway
    Position: Project Manager/Developer - Technologies: gvSIG, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Geoserver, Pyramid, Bootstrap.
    [Source code]

  • extCatastro

    gvSIG extension to manage topologic operations related to Mexican cadastre
    Position: Project Manager/Developer - Technologies: gvSIG, PostgreSQL/PostGIS.
    [Source code]

  • EIEL A Coruña (Enquiry on Local Infrastructures and Services)

    Management of a Spatial BDD, GIS Application and Web Portal with the geographic information of A Coruña province council
    Position: Project Manager - Technologies: GisEIEL, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Deegree
    [Project website]

  • ArqueoPonte

    GIS application to manage data from archaeological excavations
    Position: Project Manager/Developer - Technologies: gvSIG, PostgreSQL/PostGIS

  • gvSIG EIEL

    GIS application to manage the data in the Survey on Local Infrastructure and Facilities
    Position: Project Manager/Developer - Technologies: gvSIG, PostgreSQL/PostGIS
    [Project website]

  • SIX Emisarios

    Corporate GIS to consult information about the sewage pipes in Galician
    Position: Lead Developer - Technologies: gvSIG, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, MapServer

  • gvSIG Plan de Saneamiento de Galicia

    GIS application to manage The Galician Water Sanitation Program
    Position: Lead Developer - Technologies: gvSIG, SEXTANTE

_community projects

Here you can find some of the free software projects in which I have involved:


    I have been involved in GNOME project since 2007, mainly as developer and maintainer of GTranslator. Nowadays I keep collaborate a bit with the project and I am member of the GNOME Foundation.

  • gvSIG

    gvSIG is a Geographical Information System created by a Public Administration in Spain and released under GPL2 license.

    I have worked in gvSIG since 2009 as part of my profesional job, but also I have involved in its community. I have been a core developer of this project and member of the Technical Steering Comittee’s Board.

  • NavTable is a gvSIG extension created by CartoLab (Cartography Engineering Laboratory of University of A Coruña). I have involved in this project since its beginning as Lead Developer until 2011. Nowadays I keep collaborate as developer.

    NTForms is a library to build navigable and validated java forms for gvSIG. I’m one of the core developers.


    SEXTANTE is a spatial data analysis library written in Java and it is included as extension in gvSIG. I have worked a bit on this project, to be more precise in the gvSIG Bindings in order to integrate it on the gvSIG 1.X version.

_free software promotion

  • ProducingOSS

    Collaborative project to localize into Galician the book: “Produccing Open Source Software” by Karl Fogel. I participated in this project by devising the methodology of translation and also as translator, reviewer and layout designer.

  • Talks in Master on Free Software and UDC

    I have given several talks in the Master on Free Software and in the University of A Coruña (UDC) about business opportunities related to free software.

  • Talks and workshops about OpenStreetMap

    OSM Slides
    2019 - Workshop for Bricolabs
    2019 - Talk for students of the CEIP Virxe do Carme (Sober)
    2017 - Talk for students of the CPI Xosé Pichel
    2016 - Talks for students of the CPI Xosé Pichel e IES Xulián Magariños
    2014 - Talk and workshop for students of Cooperation for Development in Civil Engineering, a subject of Civil Engineering degree (University of A Coruña)
    2013 - Talk for students of the IES Xulián Magariños

  • Talks and workshops about Free Software

    2015 - Talk about Free Software for geomatics in Igaciencia congress. [Slides]
    2014 - Worshop about how to evaluate Free Software projects. [Slides][Video]

  • Events organized

    International QGIS User Conference

      2019 - A Coruña

    Geocamp ES

      An “unconference” about FLOSS geographic information technologies.
      2017 - Almería
      2015 - Sevilla
      2014 - A Corunha
      2013 - Vigo

    QGIS Weekend

      A weekend to enfoy QGIS. Talks, workshops and networking.
      2013 - Santiago de Compostela

_volunteer work

Since 2009 I’m part of the NGO Engineering Without Borders, working in the Finance & Administration team. From 2014 to 2016 I have been Treasurer.