Gtranslator 2.0 is comming...

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Published on: August 8, 2008 | Reading Time: 2 min | Last Modified: August 8, 2008


It has been a long time since I decided to start to collaborate with the development of gtranslator, first as my dissertation in order to get my degree as Technical Engineer in Computer Sciences and now as my practicum in the Master on Free Software working at Igalia.

Gtranslator is a PO files editor that was created by Fatih Demir and maintained until October 2007 by Ross Golder when he transfered the maintenance to Juanjo and me. Thank you guys for trusting on us. It is not very common that there are two maintainers in a gnome project but in this case I think we are a good team, Juanjo is the experience and I am the enthusiasm.

For the last months we have been working a lot with Ignacio Casal trying to migrating gtranslator to Gobject and implementing some new features:

  • Support for different profiles with information about the translator and language.
  • Translation memory.
  • Plugin system
  • Plugins for OpenTran, alternate language, integration with subersion, diff...
  • Catalog manager for PO Files.

All this features are working right now and we hope to make a beta release as soon as possible so that translators can check them.
Besides we are preparing a new web page with all the information about the new features, a roadmap for the future and information about how to use the program and how to collaborate with its development.

We are thinking also in changing the name for the project. So far we had created a section into gtranslator's wiki where people can write its suggestions for the new name but this decision it's not definitive because change the name for a project it is a decision more complicate than it seems to be. In fact this is worth analyzing in another post.