Summary of last conferences

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Published on: December 20, 2009 | Reading Time: 2 min | Last Modified: December 20, 2009


These last months I had the opportunity of taking part in two international conferences about GIS (Geographic Information Systems) as part of my work in CartoLab. In November I was in the II SASIG in Evora (Portugal) and in December in the V Jornadas gvSIG in Valencia (Spain). It has been a great opportunity of meeting a lot of cool people who takes long time working in the GIS communities and I only knew from mailing lists. With all of them I could enjoy of great moments learning, talking and sharing experiences.

The conference, in Evora, was about GIS and Free Software. I am very glad viewing how the Free Software Philosophy is being taken, more and more, in new fields. According to what I have seen it seems that Portugal, as well as Spain, is betting hard on GIS and in many cases this bet comes from the Public Administration, but so far as well as Spain have still an unresolved matter, making public the data for the society.

CartoLab was represented with two talks, I gave the first one about NavTable, actually was the first time that NavTable was shown in public, and my workmate Gonzalo gave a great talk entitled "Development of a Free Corporative GIS in the Provincial Council of Pontevedra" that shows an example of bet for Free Software by a Public Administration.

The V Jornadas gvSIG is a conference arround gvSIG, a GIS application developed by the Valencia goberment and probably the most important Free GIS application nowadays. From CartoLab we could show many of our developments based on gvSIG since the organization gave us the opportunity of taking part with four talks:

  • gvSIG on EIEL of Pontevedra Province Council
  • Developments in gvSIG for the improvement of the management of information for ISF Honduras
  • NavTable, sailing along the data in gvSIG
  • Developments on gvSIG for the Plan of drainage infrastructures of Galicia

Besides, in this conference was presented the gvSIG Association that will take the control of the gvSIG project for now on. We could meet them and come to a series of agreements for the future. The first one was made already public: NavTable, our killer application, will be a gvSIG official project.